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12-24 samples @ $120.25 USD each
25-48 samples @ $92.25 USD each
49-96 samples @ $84.50 USD each
97-480 samples @ $79.25 USD each
480+ samples @ $75.50 USD each

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Western Blot Service - Altogen Labs

Assay Development Services


Enzyme-linked immunosorbent assays (ELISAs) are a common test to quantify antibody or antigen binding activity. For more detail, see our ELISA page.

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Western Blot

The Western blot is a standard technique used to quantify the amount of target protein produced by a cell. For more detail, see our Western Blotting page.

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Stability Analysis

In addition, various techniques can be used to assess the stability of proteins produced. For more detail, see our Stability Analysis page.

Read more about our Stability Analysis Services

Why Protein Expression Control Is Important?

The control of protein expression in cells is an important tool in research and industrial settings, particularly in the pharmaceutical industry. Not only is it important for the production of therapeutic protein and vaccines, but it also enables the study of gene regulation, protein-protein interactions, antibody generation, and protein structure. Proteins often produced intracellularly for research and industrial use include antibodies, viral subunits, and gene therapy vectors. Recombinant proteins can be produced in several ways, including via Escherichia coli, in mammalian cells, and by baculovirus transfection into insect cells. Selecting the correct system for a specific application can be complex, considering factors of protein folding and functionality, solubility of proteins, swiftness of production and protein yield. All laboratory work at Western Blot Service is done in a Good Laboratory Practices (GLP) facility (Altogen Laboratory, Austin TX) with comprehensive quality controls.